All About Bob

Bob portraitc.jpg
  • "With 20 years of experience behind him, Bob is that rare combination clients always seek in a photographer: someone who doesn't take himself to seriously, but takes his work very seriously. All integrity; no pretenion. With Bob, you know you're going to get premium-quality work, but you also know that the experience is going to be painless. and even fun. It doesn't matter whether the shoot is indoor or outdoor, people or products. Bob uses the camera to draw out and capture what amateurs (and even many other professionals) can't: the dignity of an adult, the playfulness of a child, the power of a speed boat, the essence of a particular moment. It also helps (in a real-world sense) that he takes the time not only to understand your vision, but also respect the importance of your deadline:'
  • Marc Conklin, Conk Creative